Take Action

One way you can support our work is by becoming a member  and/or donating some money . But whether you are a member or not, or have some money to spare us or not, there are many other ways in which you can help defend public access in Scotland.

Enjoy the Outdoors – Responsibly

Our hard won access rights are world leading, but they come with responsibilities for both access takers and land managers. Make sure you know and follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. You may want to download our leaflet Public Access in Scotland – Know Your Rights too.

Report Issues

Most of the time, you will not experience any problems when you are out and about, but occasionally you might. Problems you may come across include missing or damaged signs, obstructions on the path, or any form of deterrent to access, such as unwelcoming signs or obstructive land managers. If you do find a problem, this is what you should do:

1. Note the exact nature and location of the obstruction with grid references and take pictures. Do you think the obstruction is deliberate?

2. Do you know how long it has been there?

3. Who is affected? Everybody, or just one group of users, e.g. horse riders.

4. Contact the relevant local authority or National Park authority. Explain the issue to them and pass on all the information that you have.

5. Await their response. They may already be aware of the issue and be working to resolve it.

6. Contact ScotWays if you have further queries about the route and/or access rights.

Please note that ScotWays can offer advice, but has no statutory powers, unlike local authorities and national park authorities, although we work closely with all authorities on resolving issues.

Keep an eye on our signs

If you pass one of our signs on your travels, why not take a moment to carry out a quick inspection and tell us about it? Find out how on our signposting page.

Support Campaigns

We alert our members and followers on social media to any relevant campaigns and petitions that we hear about. Supporting a campaign can include anything from passing it on to friends and family, signing a petition, writing to your MSP, MP or local politicians, donating time or possibly even money.

Current Campaigns

Come and see us!

Attend any online events we have and drop by for a chat when we are able to have stalls at events again. We love to meet our members and supporters, whether it’s virtually or in person.