Scottish Hill Tracks ~ Overview

A person walks down a track towards trees with a loch and mountains in the distance.
Descending Hill Track #162 looking to Loch Leven and Beinn a Bheithir

First published in 1947, the fifth edition of Scottish Hill Tracks was published in 2011. It’s a unique resource with detailed maps of 344 routes that walkers, cyclists, riders and runners can use to explore the paths, old roads and rights of way which criss-cross Scotland’s hill country, from the Borders to Caithness.  However, the countryside does not stand still.  As it changes, it makes the information in the book dated, so this page provides a way to keep your copy up to date until the next edition is printed.

Here you will find all the changes and corrections to the fifth edition of Scottish Hill Tracks that we are aware of.  You will also find the views of people such as horse riders as to which routes are easiest to use.

We are working on the fully revised sixth edition of Scottish Hill Tracks. If you are interested in helping us to survey some of the hill tracks for the new edition why not have a look at the Scottish Hill Tracks Surveyor volunteer role?

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