Managing the Public 2000-2009

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These are not guidebooks about which path to follow or what hills to climb, these are books that cover the management and development of outdoor access.

Publications are grouped by subject area and then by decade.

Each entry follows the same layout and is organised thus:

Author, (Year of publication), Title, Publisher, followed by a paragraph about the book. This may be the advertising paragraph from the book cover or a short review.

Where possible a weblink is included, but some of the publications are not available online so you will need to use your favourite bookseller to get a copy. Some are no longer in print so you may need to go to a real bricks and mortar library to find a copy.

Scottish Natural Heritage and Paths for All (2003) Promoting Paths for People. A Marketing Guide and Toolkit. Scottish Natural Heritage and Paths for All Partnership. ISBN: NONE #

This Guide has been produced by a group of organisations committed to improving the quality of life of the Scottish people, and visitors to Scotland, by encouraging them to use paths for a wide range of purposes,

The twin aims of this Guide are:

  • To show how marketing can help develop and promote path networks as well as outdoor recreation events and activities.
  • To provide a set of marketing tools, techniques and ideas to increase the use of paths by everyone for walking, cycling and horse riding.

Scottish Natural Heritage (2004) Communication, Not Conflict: Using Communication to Encourage Considerate Shared Recreational Use of the Outdoors. SportScotland. Scottish Natural Heritage. ISBN: 185397 406 4 #

This guide describes how communication techniques can be used to prevent or solve conflicts between groups of people using the outdoors for different recreational pursuits. It has been produced to assist people such as rangers and land managers to develop communication projects suited to their particular situation. Weblink.

Scottish Natural Heritage (2004) Management For People. Scottish Natural Heritage. ISBN: 1 85397 409 9 #

The publication is based upon work carried out in 2001 and 2002 on phase one of the development of a Visitor Management System by David Masters, Peter Scott and Graham Barrow which resulted in the production of a discussion report, outlining proposals for a Sustainable Visitor Management System. This system was piloted in a second phase in 2003, undertaken by Duncan Bryden and Neil Donaldson, at a range of sites and this experience has led to the development of Management for People. Weblink.

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