SECTION 17: Cairngorms

Here you will find all the changes and corrections to the fifth edition of Scottish Hill Tracks that we are aware of. You will also find the views of people such as horse riders as to which routes are easiest to use.

ROUTE 203 Blair Atholl or Calvine to Ruthven Barracks or Tromie Bridge (Kingussie) by the Minigaig Pass

It has been reported in February 2016 that the bridge at NN753923 has gone leaving no easy crossing of the Tromie for this route above Glen Tromie Lodge. The bridge at Bhran Cottage NN755912 has also gone.

ROUTE 205 Speyside (Drumguish or Feshiebridge) to Deeside (Linn of Dee) by Glen Feshie and Glen Geldie

It has been reported in January 2013 that Highland Council have posted notices in Glen Feshie saying that the bridge over the Allt Chromhraig (a photo of which is on page 160 of SHT 5th edition) is closed. However the damage, caused by undermining of one buttress, is not terminal and the bridge can still be crossed at user`s risk. The bridge feels stable when crossing, with no hint of movement and the metal structure is firmly on top of the concrete plinth. If in doubt there is a ford a few hundred yards up stream.

Because of further problems, reported in November 2013, with the Carnachuin bridge, referred to in the second paragraph on page 160, the third sentence beginning ‘The estate hope..’ should be replaced with: ‘The estate had intended to replace it but have postponed this indefinitely and instead have upgraded the path to the bridge site on the east bank. This is reached either from Auchlean or by crossing the Feshie at the “pony bridge” at NN851965. Once at the site of the old Carnachuin bridge follow the track…’

It has been reported in January 2016 that the more easterly of the two bridges near Baileguish has been washed away. This is the bridge at NN827983.

It is reported in December 2016 that the Glen Feshie estate have salvaged the bridge and replaced it intact a few hundred yards upstream. It is now firmly established just south of the ford marked on the map at NN826979 . The estate have also made two short connecting paths to and from the existing landrover track.

ROUTE 210 Nethy Bridge to Tomintoul

The Start & Finish grid references should be changed to NJ001206 and NJ149202.

ROUTE 211 Invercauld (Deeside) to Tomintoul by Loch Builg and Glen Avon

The Start Point should be NO187910 not NO187913

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