SECTION 11: Glen Coe & Appin

Here you will find all the changes and corrections to the fifth edition of Scottish Hill Tracks that we are aware of. You will also find the views of people such as horse riders as to which routes are easiest to use.

ROUTE 137 Bridge of Orchy to Bridge of Awe

A report received February 2018: The path has fallen into the river around Luib a’Ghobain at OS 241 421, requires walkers to hang from fence over deep water. More undercutting is likely to occur.

ROUTE 139 Bonawe (Loch Etive) to Glen Etive

A report received in April 2013 indicated the following change to the start of the route: From Bonawe, where cars can be parked, go through the precincts of the Bonawe Quarry, keeping to the landward side where a diversion is currently indicated about 250 metres (not 30 metres, as the sign says) beyond the entrance gate on the left/west side of the quarry road, starting between two large boulders and avoiding the main quarry machinery.

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