Heritage Paths Introduction

The Heritage Paths Project started in 2007, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Scottish Natural Heritage who were both keen that the project encourage more people to access the outdoors and that those who did would have a richer and fuller experience by knowing they are travelling in historical footsteps.

Neil Ramsay, who was the Heritage Paths Project Officer, wrote the following text about the roads, paths and tracks that the project delved into. He says “One of the real joys of working on the project was uncovering new and hitherto unknown (or at least long forgotten) pieces of history about these paths. The most significant is probably the carved medieval cross a colleague discovered while we were preparing a guided walk on a medieval route near Dunfermline Abbey, another was the tiny medieval bridge south of Chance Inn and the beautiful Holloway south of Muckart.”

The project had three aims: to identify historic paths, to research their history and accessibility and to promote these findings as widely as possible. You can see the paths on the Heritage Paths interactive map and you can find out a little bit about the broad groupings of route types here in Ken.

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