Meet our volunteer board of Directors. They are ultimately responsible for governing ScotWays and directing how it is managed and run. Our directors have a range of skills and come from different walks of life, but all believe in the ScotWays ethos and want to contribute to upholding outdoor access in Scotland.

Office Bearers

Hon. President: Vacant
Hon. Vice-President: Bob Aitken
Hon. Vice-President: George Menzies

Chair: John Elliot
Vice-Chair: Katharine Taylor


Hon. Advisors

David Dixon
John Mackay
George Menzies


Other Directors

Alistair Anderson (Fife)
Hannah Downie (Edinburgh)
Peter Hildrew (Edinburgh)
Terry Holmes (Edinburgh)
Stephen Hennig (Clackmannanshire)
Linda Johnson (Glencoe)
David Langworth (Borders)
Helene Mauchlen (Perthshire)
John Onslow (Borders)
Tim Simons (Edinburgh)
Peter Wood (Edinburgh)

Convention of Scottish Local Authorities’ representative: