We’d like to update our members on the current situation regarding the Borders Railway and Crichton-Borthwick Right of Way.

There had been issues resulting from the construction of the Borders Railway regarding a missing metal kissing gate for walkers. The Crichton to Borthwick Right of Way was closed temporarily under the Waverley Act 2005. The necessary gates and fencing have now been completed, and the closure has been lifted.

However, there is still a deer fence blocking the route on the Borthwick side, and there is no easy way to bypass this problem. Midlothian Council are aware of the problem and are in the process of taking action against the landowner. 

We encourage anyone that encounters problems with the route to report these directly to Midlothian Council’s access officer John Park at john.park@midlothian.gov.uk or phone (0131 561 5386) – please copy us into any e-mail correspondence via info@scotways.com. Similarly, if this a route that you have walked in the past, but are avoiding because you have heard of the difficulties, it could still be helpful to write. If the Council are receiving communications about this route, it may assist them with their course of action.