In early July a deputation from Midlothian Access Forum visited the Cairnbank Road area, including the alternative route suggested by the residents. They found the alternative was unsuitable for most users, and discounted it. The deputation noted that the obstruction, painted with anti-vandal paint and a CCTV camera, constituted an impregnable barrier.

At the subsequent Access Forum meeting later in July, two of the residents made a presentation to the members and gave each member a folder with additional information before answering questions.

The Access Forum met in committee in late August to consider all the information they had received, which included over seventy letters from members of the public, complaining about the barrier on this well used route into Penicuik House Estate.

Thereafter the Access Forum decided to request the Council to take steps to re-open the route.

Since then the Council has been in negotiation with the residents and their lawyers, and made them aware of the advice they had received.

We understand that the Council’s Corporate Management Team has given approval to a Section 14 Notice being served if the obstruction and signage are not removed within the near future.

NOTE: A section 14 notice under the Land Reform Act would request that the obstruction and the notices are removed within 21 days; thereafter the Council could and will remove them at the expense of the residents. The residents can appeal to the Sheriff Court to have the Notice rescinded.