We are aware that the ancient route from Maudslie, near Gladhouse to the B7007 (The Granites) road in Borders, has been recently blocked.


The blockage at NT 316 524 is by a deer fence, and at NT 314 525 by a padlocked deer gate.


It is possible to avoid these blockages by using a stock gate at approx NT 313523, in the short term. It may be quite boggy and wet between the deer gate and the stock gate, it has been delightfully dry this summer, so it is difficult to assess, but the vegetation is rushes, so that probably means bog!


Midlothian Council is taking steps to maintain the integrity of this route, but this will take time. If you wish to comment, having used the route, please contact the access officer in Midlothian land&countrysideenquiries@midlothian.gov.uk  and copy ScotWays into your email (info@scotways.com)